1. Dunkelbunt Vinyl Bundle Deluxe

  2. Dunkelbunt Vinyl Album Bundle Deluxe

  3. Dunkelbunt CD Bundle Deluxe

  4. Istanbul'a
    Santi & Tuğçe

  5. Yali Yali / Çayelinden Öteye [dunkelbunt remix]
    Nese Karaböcek

  6. Que lío [dunkelbunt remix]

  7. DerWish

  8. The Istanbul Swing

  9. Greatest Hits (LP)

  10. The Vienna Tapes (LP)

  11. Asîa files (LP)

  12. Morgenlandfahrt (LP)

  13. Cinnamon Girl

  14. Electro Swing vs. Balkan Beats (LP)

  15. Mountain Jumper (LP)

  16. Augen zu und durch (The Roaring 2020)
    ft Barefoot Basement

  17. Raindrops & Elephants

  18. Viens Avec Moi (EP)
    [dunkelbunt], Lisa Cantabile, Kadero Rai

  19. Hiroshima mon amour

  20. Le Ta Jaoji
    [dunkelbunt] ft. Pintoo & Haider Khan

  21. Ich grill mit Dir die Abendsonne

    [dunkelbunt] & Lisa Cantabile

  23. Le Ta Jaoji (live)
    [dunkelbunt] ft Pintoo & Haider Khan, Alix

  24. The Chocolate Butterfly
    [dunkelbunt] ft. Fanfare Ciocarlia, Amsterdam Klezmer Band

  25. Two Dancing Cranes

  26. I'm A Tribe [dunkelbunt remix]
    [dunkelbunt], Loco Hot, A-WA

  27. Modus Operandi

  28. Weit Weg
    [dunkelbunt], Alix

  29. Hiroshima mon amour

  30. Velavan
    [dunkelbunt], Anuradha Genrich

  31. Šljivovica [dunkelbunt remix]
    [dunkelbunt], Boban i Marco Markovic Orkestra

  32. Viens Avec Moi
    [dunkelbunt] ft Lisa Cantabile & Kadero Rai

  33. Kebab Connection - Trans Danube Mix
    [dunkelbunt], Cloud Tissa, Savages Y Suefo, Forty Thieves Orkestra, Shazalakazoo

  34. Mia Kwa Mia ft Cloud Tissa
    [dunkelbunt] ft. Cloud Tissa

  35. Ufos Over Bengaluru

  36. Balkan Quolou
    [dunkelbunt], Killo Killo, Watcha Clan, Cloud Tissa

  37. Space Walker

  38. Waldeck [dunkelbunt remix]

  39. L'amour Fidèle
    [dunkelbunt] ft Kadero Rai

  40. Wish
    [dunkelbunt] ft. Alix, Mela, Will Magid & Paul Bertin

  41. Egal
    [dunkelbunt] ft Alix

  42. Starke Hitze

  43. Boomeræng EP
    [dunkelbunt] ft Alix & Cloud Tissa

  44. Kebab Connection
    [dunkelbunt] & Cloud Tissa

  45. Smile On Your Face

  46. Schlawiener

  47. Picnic with [dunkelbunt]

  48. Sun Dub

  49. Sun Dub Vol. 2

  50. [dunkelbunt] T-Shirt


dunkelbunt Vienna, Austria

Ulf Lindemann aka [dunkelbunt] was born in Hamburg in 1979. At the beginning of the millennium in his Vienna studio, he began to merge electronic music with Balkan, Gypsy and Swing sounds and along with his contemporaries like Waldeck, Parov Stelar and Shantel who helped popularize the new music genres, „Electro Swing“ and „Balkan Beats“. ... more

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